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Passion.  Creativity.  Resilience.

Are you a natural born problem solver? Are you a creative, passionate soul, full of dreams to positively change the world? Do you thrive on ideas, constantly pondering ways to craft them into reality? 

If so, then welcome to WE Inspire. You have the heart and mind of an entrepreneur and you may have just found your people.

Who are WE?

WE Inspire is a community for women. Passionate, creative, thinking women. Women who have felt, or seen, a gap in society and have instinctively known that the right service, or product, could fill that gap and make positive and productive changes in the world.

Our community is full to the brim of women who have left their ‘day jobs’ to embark upon the often complicated journey of setting up their own business. Driven by the potential to invoke real change for real people, our community is filled with mothers, students, retirees, young people and professionals. The commonality is the urging of an inner voice to act, to ignore the naysayers and follow their passion and their dreams.

​WE Inspire is the catalyst, the empty table surrounded by inviting chairs, the blank slate, the unadorned chain. The women who come together are the story, the jewels, the purpose. Together, our members connect, inspire, challenge and support one another. We invite you to join us and allow us to be a part of your journey.


WE Inspire, Women Entrepreneurs of Perth Inc is a Not For Profit organisation. Learn more about WE Inspire, how we were founded and what inspires us to do what we do.

WE Inspire

Our Membership

Inspiration is the food of champions. It is the power source for entrepreneurs. It ignites the magic and allows our imaginations to dream the dreams required to problem solve and make real change.


At WE Inspire you will have the opportunity to share your dreams in a supportive and creative space and to be inspired by others. Even more exciting, you will benefit from the guidance and experience of others to move your dreams toward reality.

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Our Board Members

THANK YOU to the amazing women who volunteer their time to make WE Inspire possible.

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