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Antz Labour Hire is a local Perth based business who hires local Perth based people. We have an array of Labour Hire personnel, in which we profile to make sure they are the right fit for your business for all short- or long-term hires. There is no lock in contracts and with the one hourly rate charge being the only cost to your business, the option of 'try before you buy' has never been better.

Antz Labour Hire has provided our clients with both manual and administrative labour to assist in staff shortages across all industries. Without these services our clients have experienced growth and the ability to accept ongoing work without the stress.

We have worked behind the scenes setting up policies and procedures in Human Resources and Work Health and Safety, so your systems are in place for clarity around your business structure and standards. This ensures your employees are doing their job roles to their full potential, safely and efficiently.


Rebecca Winterfield

M: 0417 679 650



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