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Teena is an Intuition Coach and she helps strong, independent women move through toxic relationships. She teaches them how to tap into and trust their inner knowing, allowing them to confidently stand in their own power without the need for second guessing.

How does she do that?


1. By helping clients find a harmonious balance between their masculine and feminine traits. Regardless of gender, sometimes the delicate dance between the two is not in alignment, often feeling forced. Teena guides clients to choreograph a new routine to ensure the movement between the two is seamless.


2. Clients have often lost that “loving feeling” for their lives and the businesses. Teena helps them to re-discover their passion and shows how to transition that tiny spark, into a well stoked fire.


3. Teena’s unique perspective allows her clients to reframe their most pressing challenges into opportunities for growth and expansion


4. During the formative years, intuitive insights are the guiding light and somehow as adults the tendency to operate from the neck up is commonplace. Teena teaches clients how to tap back into that divine knowledge and removes the need for second guessing.


Teena Ryan

M: 0403 843 229


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