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As an international Comic, successful author of the book, Big Purple Undies, and certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach I set out to reach women all over the world through authentic, humorous connection. My mantra is that you can transform your life by transforming your mindset… or in today’s terms, if your life isn’t heading in the right direction, you may need to get a software update.

Born and raised in the UK, living in Western Australia for over 20 years, I have performed all over the world including hundreds of shows throughout Australia, the UK, and over 300 shows in the USA.

What distinguishes me in my industry is that while I love making people laugh, it does not end there. I not only use laughter to bring the gift of connection, but I also offer others the unique opportunity to understand that we all feel the same way about life and that being able to laugh about it is often one of the greatest of all medicines.

My mission is not only to share my wisdom by drawing upon my experiences and making people laugh but in being able to help others to develop as human beings and find their healing by releasing old beliefs that may be causing them pain or simply just do not serve them anymore.

Inspired by the work of Charlie Chaplain, I always dreamt of being on stage. I have learnt that sharing my stories and wisdom through comedy is what makes us tick and I use this gift to reach people, to connect with people, to touch people and to understand people. 

I want my audience to know that I am vulnerable, I know stress and suffering too well and have experienced pain with the ups and downs that life throws our way, and I have come to the conclusion that no matter what you are facing, you can transform your life by transforming your mindset.


Louise Kelman

M: 0410 731 820



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