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Why join WE Inspire?


Inspiration is the food of champions. It is the power source for entrepreneurs. It ignites the magic and allows our imaginations to dream the dreams required to problem solve and make real change. At WE Inspire you will have the opportunity to share your dreams in a supportive and creative space and to be inspired by others. Even more exciting, you will benefit from the guidance and experience of others to move your dreams toward reality.

Why just women?


Quite simply, a community of like-minded women is reassuring. WE Inspire is a collective of women: each moving at her own pace, toward her own dream, not in competition, but in concert. Our community is not about outdoing or outselling one another, it is about genuine connection in a supportive and safe place. We foster great conversation with empathetic, understanding women working to make the world a better place.

Can WE Inspire help me succeed?


We are often taught that success is about money. But when you look at Mother Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi, their success was not measured by wealth, but by seeing real change in the world. Both of these giants in history were self-made heroes, just like you, but they defined success very differently. We often speak to women who feel like failures because their passionate ideas have not translated into making a fortune. Unfortunately, using money as the only measurement of success can often only lead to that outcome. Being around other women that completely understand this can really help you through these hurdles. Interestingly, it is often when that stress is released that the money begins to flow!

How can joining the community help me with my business?


At WE Inspire you will get genuine connection with other women that are going through the same things you are and asking the same questions. As an Inspirational Member you will get invitations to all our events. ‘On the Couch’ our signature event, is a time for you to meet other inspirational women, just like you! Every fortnight, our entrepreneurial guests will share powerful stories that will inspire you and give you hope to continue your own journey and help you through the tough times. You can post an advert Monday and Fridays on our Facebook page with over 2,200 members and you can also register on our website.

As you know, marketing your idea is all about timing and consistency. As an Inspirational Creator, we will support you by putting your business or idea out for you every week to over 2,200 members in our Facebook group. Inspirational Creators get all the benefits of an Inspired Member plus can book up to 5 discounted tickets to each of our events! Also, as an Inspirational Creator you can register to be speaker ‘On the Couch’ or book to be a vendor at one of our events (subject to availability). You can also create your own profile on our website that will be searchable for other members.

WE Inspire was founded on collaboration. Uplifting women with big dreams and helping them achieve great things with the help of women who have gone ahead. We have 10 spots per year for Inspired Collaborators, woman who see an opportunity to work with us more personally. If you feel you align to our values and wish to work with us on an idea,  event or programme that would be for the greater good of inspiring woman, then we would welcome the opportunity to chat more with you. As an Inspired Collaborator you have all the benefits of an Inspired Creator, but also a dedicated place on our website, to highlight the collaboration . We also thank you for your support on behalf of all of the women at WE Inspire at each event. 


Learn more about your membership options here.

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