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About WE Inspire

In 2021, WE Inspire was founded with a wonderful mission: to positively connect, inspire and nurture women. In our first year we learned. We tried new things, we stretched, experimented and dared. Sometimes with success - sometimes with laughter and learning. 


But it was in our moments of quiet that the true purpose of WE Inspire was revealed, as the passionate, creative dreamers came searching for a place to reveal their true selves: to grow, empower and shine.


WE Inspire is the catalyst, the blank slate, the unadorned chain. You, the women who come together are the story, the jewels, the purpose.


Happily, our journey affirmed that our core values remain the most important guides for WE Inspire: Authenticity; Connection; Fun; Growth; Freedom.

We are excited to create space for women to connect where we can form relationships, discuss triumphs and struggles, support and lift each other up. We will do this in person, as well as in our Facebook group.

In person, we will have regular Connect meetings, which will be form-free and easy opportunities to come, relax and enjoy one another. On Facebook we will dedicate two weekly posting days, Monday and Friday to advertise your business, and on other days will encourage all members to introduce themselves, share inspiration, seek advice, make recommendations, or simply check in on the others.

Thank you for sharing this journey with WE Inspire. Together, we look forward to reaffirming and living our values statement: WE stand strong for each other - for our community - for our continued growth - for our passion - for our joy. Dedicated to creating a safe space to succeed through uniting our spirits, we unapologetically celebrate our true selves to reach our full potential.

WE Inspire, Women Entrepreneurs of Perth Inc is a Not For Profit organisation.

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